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Paint my property operates in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast offering custom Interior & Exterior paint applications.

Whether you are looking for a clean, neutral look for your home, heritage colours for your traditional or modern Queenslander

or a bold, modern feature wall inside your home, our painters can tailor a solution to suit your personal preferences and decorating style.

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Need help with colours?


A colour consultation, digital overlay and colour samples are exactly what you need.

We will help you envisage your beautiful new property with digital colour overlay, which shows you how the new colour scheme will look on your house,

before a tin of paint is even opened.


Our 5 Steps System

Step 3  |  Paint Application

We'll commence by spot seal the bare patches.

Afterwards an undercoat is applied to the surfaces and then the necessary coats of paint, to get the desired finish according with the required colour specifications by the client


Step 2  |  Site Setup & Surface Preparation

All furniture and items are protected with with plastic sheetings and drop cloths

We'll start by removing any nails and picture hooks after that surfaces are cleaned to remove any mould, dirt and loose or flaky paint.

All holes, cracks and imperfections are filled, then sanded and dusted off, to obtain a perfect finish together with proper adhesion.


Step 1  |  The Quote

An itemised quote is presented to the customer.

Once accepted, the client chooses the colour scheme and colours are tested.

Prior to work commencing, a Contract Agreement detailing expected start & completion date, scope of works and clear progress payment schedule is signed.


Step 4  |  Cleaning

Floors are broomed and carpets vacuumed. Any paint drops are cleaned. Furniture and accessories are moved back to their original location.

Step 5  |  Inspection & Practical Completion

Once your project has been completed, our painters will personally complete a walk-through with you to check for any touch-ups that are required and ensure you are happy with the job. You will then receive a follow-up call the next week to ensure the work and products met all of your expectations.

We will then ask you to provide us your thought on the job with the review form.

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